As a Radon Professional and Consultant I’m often asked about permits and whether or not they are really necessary. All too often we hear “The other bids I’ve obtained didn’t mention anything about a permit??” Our reply is simple….it’s because they weren’t planning on pulling one and are assuming you, the client, won’t know any better !! Ridiculous and Insulting !! Permits not only protect you as the consumer for the job at hand, it… Read More

Whether you are a homeowner or a real estate professional ~ there are some guidelines to use when selecting the right Radon Professional for the job! How should you select a contractor? As with any home improvement project there are some “must haves” when evaluating your professional. 1.) Did the contractor inspect your home prior to providing an estimate? We receive calls daily from perspective homeowners and real estate professionals as well as attorneys asking… Read More

HSA Funds and Radon Mitigation Systems – Will It Cover Your Expenses?? So, one of our very savvy clients in Naperville, IL was asking if her radon mitigation system is considered a “qualified expense” under her Health Savings Account?? Great question! We however were not qualified to answer that, so her CPA husband decided to call the IRS to inquire. Here is what we have learned, the IRS does not have approved in the code… Read More

Day to day we are asked many of the same type of questions from our potential clients. Our role is not restricted to mitigation installers only. When it comes to Radon, Guardian’s role is not only installation, but education and awareness also. Today we wanted to share a few questions that seem to have a recurring theme to them and truly are considered an “FAQ!” Hope you find this information to be helpful. Q: Recently… Read More

Radon is a naturally occurring gas that is a product of decomposing Uranium in the earth. Through the decomposition process, radon gas seeps into the Earth’s soil, then providing the opportunity to build up levels and inhabit your home. Radon Gas is found in all 50 states of the U.S. and it’s presence in homes can certainly raise serious health concerns. Radon is not a sudden event or “accident” therefore your homeowner’s policy will most… Read More

Let’s take a look at some family-friendly activities to enjoy around beautiful Kendall County, IL. Nothing says summer like packing a picnic lunch, grabbing some comfy shoes and headed out with friends and family to enjoy our local scenery and happenings! 1.) How about checking out your local park district??? Being from Oswego, IL, I’m still amazed how our local park district has grown and the services they offer to our residents. We love taking… Read More

Radon Mitigation

Radon testing is big business in Illinois. On January 1, 2008, the Illinois General Assembly enacted the Radon Awareness Act. This was a huge step for the State getting the word out even further regarding the dangers of Radon gas. The law applies to residential real estate transactions on properties with no less than one and no more than four residential dwelling units. Of course as with anything, there are exceptions to the rule:… Read More

When it comes to radon mitigation systems, not all systems are created equal. Here is Illinois, radon mitigation is a licensed profession by the State of Illinois therefore mitigation standards have been set and must be adhered to. With that being said ~ a system may meet all compliance standards but not pass the approval of the homeowner(s).  Starting with some basics, a radon system must have a few basic necessities to function properly. They… Read More

Unlike homeowners, many renters do not have the professional guidance such as a realtor or attorney when they are looking to sign for a new lease. Renters therefore infrequently will do their due diligence with regards to having any home inspection performed, or environmental testing such as a radon test prior to signing their lease. Here lies the problem ~ as a renter you may be signing for lease unaware of any potential dangers in… Read More

Seems to be that the folks we talk to in the field fall into two categories. Believers and Non-Believers. Unfortunately many of us only learn about the effects of elevated radon gas when involved in a real estate transaction or personal tragedy. Then there is the rest of the world – and that’s a whole lot of people. Certainly everyone is entitled to their thoughts on the subject but today we thought it would be… Read More