Guardian Radon Mitigation is  dedicated to helping families reduce the risk of exposure to harmful radon gas. Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that seeps in through the foundation of the home or building.  At Guardian Radon we install the highest quality radon mitigation system in order to achieve maximum radon reduction results while maintaining the highest standards of quality and aesthetics. But did you know that we also repair existing radon systems?

When your radon mitigation system was installed, it was designed to be a permanent part of your home ~ however just like any other home mechanical there comes a time when repairs of the existing system may be needed. At some point the fan that was installed will give up and stop working. Most of the time a homeowner will realize that the fan has failed or is failing because the manometer (u-tube) is reading level on both sides OR the fan will be making unusual noises, progressively getting louder. Other times it is detected by a home inspector that has been hired for a real estate transaction.

Keep in mind in the case of most repairs, it becomes a repair of a component of the system. It would not require a “re-do” of your system. Other types of mitigation repair services include replacing missing fittings and exhaust points. There are times where wind, neglect of the system or improper installation technique can compromise the exterior of the system. On a more complicated note ~ you may learn during a typical radon test, that your active system is no longer keeping levels under 4 pCi/l. Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy answer in this case. You would need to contact our office and have Guardian out to your home for an inspection and diagnostics. If your home is outside of our service area we would help guide you to a licensed professional that would service your area.

At Guardian, all of our field technicians as well as management are licensed by Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA), the licensing body for radon mitigation in Illinois ~ therefore are qualified and able to handle all types of mitigation service repairs. Guardian Radon can and will repair systems previously installed by another mitigation company. Just give us a call ~ we are here to help!

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